Company profile


M.A.Robotica SrL , with the current corporate structure, was founded in year 2003, after a long experience gained by its members in the field of automated robotics.
A constant development has been giving us the possibility to reach good results thanks to our know-how and range of services offered. Our management and highly qualified technical staff have been the source of our growth.
Our goals aim at establishing real partnerships with our customers, in order to set solutions on their own demands.. Mutual collaboration and trust are necessary to identify and solve the different problems regarding mass-production.
M.A.Robotica SrL is specialized in the design and implementation of robotic systems, used to handle different kinds of products during the various production and processing stages, developed as load/unload cells for machine tools and presses, assembly-testing systems, automatic deburring systems, palletization, etc. Every M.A.Robotica SrL installation is built according an accurate step-by-step planning and through the analysis of the issues and needs of each single application. The planning is fully developed in our premises, even for the mechanical part or the electronic and software components.
Thanks to MAR-VISION, the powerful robot vision, control and drive system entirely developed by us, all our robotized solutions are computer-aided according to established parameters, thus achieving extraordinary performance, especially when it comes to our primary objective: the optimization of production costs.
M.A.Robotica SrL also offers a technical support service provided by a qualified staff ensuring a rapid solution to robotic automation issues.
These services are also extended to the existing installations.