M. A. Robotica Srl R&D department introduces an innovative machine with a ROTATING TABLE for cold deburring applications of of hot pressed metals or other shearing operations.
This innovation consists in the elimination of the traditional press oil hydraulics with electronic handling produced by numerically controlled engines.
This innovative machine gives many advantages:
– The main one consists in the drastic reduction of power consumption.
– The second one is the work cycle reduction with a resulting estimated 30/40 % production increase, depending on processing details, with respect to the traditional machines.
– The third important advantage is the possibility to install a kinetic energy recovery system, produced during processing, transforming it into electricity that is reused by the machine.
– Not-using oil hydraulics technology means a lower consumption of hydraulic oils, with a positive effect on the environment.
– Machine self-setting for each processed detail, thanks to the CNC system, which stores the various processing parameters.
– Possible machine setting for a self-control system during unattended automatic machining.
The deburring machine is available with different power options, from 25 to 60T, or even bigger upon request.
The press can be loaded either manually by an operator or automatically through a robotized cell.
Patent no. 0001401110
(registration date: 07-05-2010)

This machine is equipped with a rotary table moved by a brushless motor, with 4 positions as follows:
1- Position 1, where parts to be processed are loaded, which may be controlled by an operator or an anthropomorphic arm.
2- Position 2, used for the electronic control of the correct positioning of the parts to be deburred, with a special automatic expulsion system for parts considered non-compliant for shearing.
3- Position 3, where the machined pieces are deburred and unloaded, with a blowing system to clean the mould. The machined pieces and burrs are unloaded separately in different boxes
4- Position 4, final cleaning of the mould through a rotating brush.