The “MULTI-LEVEL TOWER” was designed and built by M. A . Robotica Srl mainly to allow long processing autonomy for various types of machine tools and assembly machines; it integrates the robotized cells for loading/unloading.
It is especially suited for items which require several machining steps on different machines, avoiding the repeated handling of the pieces by the operators, through the trolley moving among the different positions.

The multi-level tower palletizer is composed of :
– A supporting structure , with the trolley , containing the pieces to be machined and composed of several extractable “ drawers.”
– A pneumatic extractor used to handle the drawers.
– A C.N.C. lift for the consecutive selection of the different levels, placing them where the anthropomorphic robot can collect them.
– Different trolleys for storage autonomy.
This system is extremely versatile and may be employed for several functions and combinations, using the MAR VISION system for the pieces recognition, or shaped pallets for pieces placement, with the following possible uses:

– Loading only of un-machined pieces
– Unloading only of machined pieces
– Loading and unloading in the same drawer.
– Loading and unloading with two palletizers to make autonomy double.

1. Significantly reduced overall installation size, thanks to the vertical development (1.90m x 1.20m x H: 2.40m).
2. High processing autonomy.
3. High production speed.
4. Quick and easy trolleys’ preparation.