M.A.Robotica Srl single-handedly engineered the MAR-VISION system
The main features of this vision system are easy to use, speed, and precision in locating parts, thanks to its camera calibration system. MAR-VISION can quickly and safely locate several placements for the same part, thanks to the ability of its software to search a part geometric shape in any position previously stored during item code creation. Target item location is based on previously created geometric models.
M.A.Robotica Srl has been able to develop an intuitive, easy-to-use product thanks to its years of direct experience gathered on the field in the production departments. Only a few steps are required to create the code to be located and configure the parameters determining research quality.
Our system allows several parameters:
– cameras brightness and contrast,
– methods and quality of parts research,
– pincers size and position, in order to avoid collisions with other parts close to the part to be located,
– parameters for the search of a main part’s internal details,
– language selection according to the country where the system has to be installed,
– robot changing clutching position without stopping.
As previously mentioned, MAR-VISION has been engineered entirely by M.A.Robotica Srl and can be modified to meet our customers’ specific needs and requirements. In addition to being a vision system, it may also be employed for secondary operations such as supervision, connection to company servers in order to visualize production batches, or simply to perform more accurate and detailed localizations.
This system, besides the normal robot-assisted operation for locating parts to be loaded on transfer, assembly machines, or other uses, can also be employed as quality control by means of appropriate PC integrated I/O cards for exchanging information with peripherals.
Since 2012, we can also offer a new system called, a logical extension of the actual system with a 64-bit architecture. This new system involves the use of digital cameras with standard high resolution Giga-Ethernet, and is used for particularly difficult functions. It consists in a program installed on a personal computer with Windows operating system properly set to prevent system crashes, speed up boot time, etc. The personal computer is equipped with a automatic storage data system.