Our robotized system for the automation of machine assembly can be designed to perform loading, loading/unloading and special work cycles with for any kind of piece.
Our robots can perform also special operations such as machine equipment changing (ex.: automatic replacement clamps)
Pieces may be loaded with different feeding systems, such as :
– Random feeding system with parts loaded from hoppers and unloaded onto a parts sorter (specially coated to avoid damaging production items); item identification through a vision guided robot. This system allows also the maching of small lots thanks to its great flexibility and to the speed in item changing.
– Feeding system on big conveyor belt, used for random manual operator loading, in order to get more loading autonomy and the pieces recognition through a robot guided vision. This system allows also the machining of small lots or of very fine details.
– Palletized feeding system used for the operator manual loading in case of fine placements. This system is suggested for items machining with big production lots and infrequent changes.

Easy processing of small and second-phase lots, speed in changing items.

– Loading cycle takes less than 1,8 seconds per machined piece
– Loading/unloading cycle takes less than 5 seconds per machined piece