Our robotized system with load bar performs work cycles starting directly from bars still on rod cutter.
The robot’s production can consist in loading, loading/unloading, second-step, or special work cycles with cleaning and palletization of machined pieces, for any kind of material such as brass, aluminum, steel, iron, etc.
Parts are loaded for feeding as follows:
– Loading system with inclined plane or bundle bar storage. 
Storage features selector for single bar loading, dragged-on rollers via encoder controlled pressure.
– Cutting system featuring cutter with bar clamping apparatus, circular blade with speed rotation and progress adjustment, and blade saving option. Digitally controlled bar dragging system allows the changing of cutting parameters without mechanical operation.
– Machine loading/unloading system by means of anthropomorphic robot that removes cut bars from a conveyor belt exiting from the cutter. The robot loads un-machined pieces onto the machine tool and unloads machined pieces onto cleaning machine or conveyor belt.
– Optional palletized unloading system combined with cleaning machine or unloading conveyor belt. A second anthropomorphic robot removes machined pieces previously unloaded from the machine by the first robot and unloads them on pallets that may be multi-level.
– Speed ​​of setup simplified by a graphic menu interface coupled with a robot programming keypad powered by a specialized application software.
– High quality anthropomorphic robots ensure loading precision.
– Loading speed ​​and repeatability through the use of speedy cutters featuring bar advancement control by means of screw ball combined with encoder fitted engine.
Easy machining of small and second-step lots, speed in changing items.
Work cycle is strictly bound to the tool machine which will carry out the mechanical machining of the piece.